Business professionals, managers, sales agents and even students often work on their computers from alternate locations to their work areas. They use coworking spaces, coffee shops, other customer locations and any place that is equipped with internet access. People are out there conducting meetings from parked cars, airports bus stations, trains and more. But that is not all, people are chatting online or surfing the internet. It is thanks to computer portability, smaller laptops, tablets and smartphones that this is all possible. These tech products have become indispensable for us.

There is just one problem. These devices portable manufactures need to sacrifice screen viewing size. This means the screens of our portable devices are small, cause eye strain and posture problems. They also account for more work-related mistakes, especially in fields such as software management and development. A solution is to use some type of additional display screen (much like your home computer screen) to make your tasks more convenient and functional. Now getting this functionality and versatility is possible when you use a portable monitor.

 What is it?

A portable monitor is an external computer screen you can hook up to your tablet or laptop. It offers full-size visibility to viewers but is lightweight and portable. When you finish using it, simply slide it into a protective sleeve and transport it to another location. A portable monitor also has a pop up stand that folds down during storage. The monitor connects to most any computing device using a USB or HDMI.

How do you use a portable monitor?

Depending on the specifications, this device makes a great addition for salespeople, business people, writers, web developers and software Developers. Is it worth the price? It’s a difficult question to answer, but these three reasons to use a portable monitor can help make your decision easier.

Three Reasons to buy one

It Reduces Eyestrain

Staring at a tablet or a small computer monitor causes eye strain. It’s even worse if you need to share that monitor with other business associates or clients. Having a portable monitor that you can set up for your tablet or your laptop helps you view the screen on a larger scale or at the very least gives another person access to full-screen view.

Improves Branding

Using a portable monitor gives you work a more professional image. plus it offers better viewing as customers or Associates can see clear Brown graphics on a full screen. your customers will believe you to be more professional and experienced in your industry.

Improves productivity

A larger monitor can help you be more productive especially if you are working from home, your hotel room, a cafe or any place other than you office. It allows you to view your work, images, documents and work areas that are often too small to view or work with on your tablet or laptop screen.

An additional screen can also increase productivity by increasing collaboration. Project team members can collaborate and offer opinions on the work being done by being able to see your progress on an additional screen.


The main reason the portable monitor makes a good addition to your tech paraphernalia is that it offers versatility The portable external monitor allows a user to make a presentation at an alternate work location, test products and apps as well as graphics, logos and visuals. It also extends the workspace by offering dual-screen features.